Another Wedding?

Well, not quite.  I haven't stopped baking, friends.  We've been flower making and arranging.

Our Assignment: Create a three-tier fondant wedding cake including at least three wired gum paste flowers.

Winter Wedding Cake

Winter Wedding Cake 2

Winter Wedding Cake 3

Taking a Look Back

Let me take you back to September of this year.  Remember my sister's wedding cake?  Five-tier.  Chocolate Spice Cake.  Buttercream.  Hand designed fondant appliques with intricate royal icing piping to mimic the lace of Penelope's gown.  It was a beautiful cake, but I have to confess--I spent countless hours teaching myself how to do the things I had never done before.  So, needless to say, I was utterly thrilled to be making another wedding cake, only this time, under the direction of a chef instructor.

Ivory and Gold Floral Lace Wedding Cake
24 September 2010

I can get lost for hours creating a design for a wedding cake.  Originally I wanted to do something completely off the wall--a Chinese-themed cake using deep reds and striking oriental flowers.  I would have gone through with it had we been given a bucket of red fondant.  The thought of spending hours dying the pounds of white fondant we were given horrified me, so I decided to stick to the white as my base color.  Desiring a different feel for my fourth wedding cake I decided to use an icy silver and aquamarine combination to complement my base and create a stunning wintery wedding cake.  I made a rough sketch and started on the flowers and filler--white poinsettias, hydrangeas, sweet peas, jasmine, dogwood, rose buds, frosted berries, dusty miller leaves, mini-cattails, and icy twigs.  Now, you're probably thinking--I thought the assignment called for three flowers.  Well, it's true; but I was determined to do it all after taking a trip to Michael's Craft Store and playing around in the silk flower section for who knows how long.

The Flowers

The flowers are no where finished, but I thought I'd snap a handful of pictures to keep you all posted on the progress.  Kudos to those who can recognize all of the flowers.


  1. THAT LOOKS AMAZING. YOU ARE SO TALENTED. and i loveeee you <3

  2. I just found your blog and LOVE it!! I enjoy tempering chocolate (use a home tempering unit), and want to know in one of your posts..you mentioned different white chocolates, but were any of them real white chocolate or just white candy coating?
    I also made marshmallows for Christmas (tradition) but loved your flavors, and also I dont know how to make them round...mine are basic: http://www.thechocolateladyblog.blogspot.com
    Thanks for sharing your desserts, you are quite talented!!

  3. Jonathon thanks so much for letting me know how to make my marshmallows round...I cant wait to try it!!
    I hope you have a wonderful New Year...looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  4. Jon. You're amazing. I want you to do mine. But you won't be here. So, if I send you a link of one I think is cool, you wanna give me your input on how it could be better or if I should scratch it altogether and do something better? I like that I feel totally comfortable doing this, and will forever, even when you are the biggest food network star ever.

  5. I was browsing the internet looking for an "ivory wedding cake with lace" and found a beautiful picture of your sister's five tiered laced wedding cake. Wow! Then I saw your picture and was shocked to see that I knew you. You may not remember me, but I b elive we went to middle school together and muler park. How much do you charge? I'm getting married in march.