Olive Oil Recipes

In this week's Editorial Food print, the main article features a woman who grows her own olives and bottles her own olive oil.  I must say that her olive oil is quite fragrant and unique.  She sent us some of her dessert recipes from her soon to be published cookbook to test and print alongside the article.  The two recipes included: Greek Walnut Cake and Pecan Pie.  Making desserts with the amounts of olive oil used in these recipes is, in my opinion, scary.  In my eyes just because you can use olive oil, doesn't mean you should.  Not only is it expensive, but it doesn't result in the most superior texture and flavor you really want in a dessert.  Nevertheless, we made the desserts and styled them for the print.  Here they are.

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  1. Really? A whole cup of olive oil in the walnut cake? I usually avoid olive oil in baking. You can taste it then?