The Los Angeles Times: Editorial Food

It's a new year and I am finished with my instruction at Le Cordon Bleu.  As required for graduation, each student has to complete an externship (fancy way of saying internship) at an approved location.  It was really difficult for me to decide where to go.  I would have loved to go to France or some other foreign destination but I knew I needed to reign in my desires for travel and get some practical experience more applicable to what I plan to do.  I was not allowed to apply for the Food Network internship because the school would not approve the location for a Baking and Patisserie student.  I looked into various places across the country and eventually found an opportunity at The Los Angeles Times: Editorial Food.

This opportunity was highly favorable to me because of the vast array of experience it offers its interns.  At The Times, we develop and test recipes, we style food for weekly prints and online photography, we help prep for television spots on KTLA Channel 5, and much more.

So this is my new home for the next six weeks--The Los Angeles Times building in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

The Times Building

The Entrance
The View

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  1. You are such a grown-up! I love it; keep taking pictures :) It's fun to keep up with what you're doing!