Want to Know How to Make French Bread?

Jonathan's French Bread
1 pound 9 1/2 ounces BREAD FLOUR
1/2 ounce SEA SALT
17 ounces WATER
Fermentation: approximately one hour, Proofing: approximately 30 minutes
Baking: 28 minutes at 425°F

A special thanks to Shauna Yarbrough (it was so fun to teach you!), Cameron Robins, Cody Owens, and Hunter Sebresos


  1. me and my are gonna get to work!

  2. Thanks, Jon. It's nice to be able to refer back to your demo. Couple questions:

    First, you had originally told me 25 oz bread flour. Have you noticed that the extra .5 oz helps it turn out better somehow?

    Second, after forming the boules, you proofed them for 30 minutes. I think I had written down 15 minutes for the baguettes or rolls. Is it just longer for the boules?

    Thanks, Jon! I think I'm getting better and better. Mmmmm. Bread.

  3. Thank you! This was my first time making French bread and it was delicious. Your blog is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your art!

  4. Looks so good. Any way you can convert to cups and teaspoons for those of us without scales? :-) you are so good at demonstrations and with the camera. You will definitely go far!

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