Finals: "Rocque" then Roll

Today was my last day with Chef Rocque--truly a sad day.  I learned so much from this man.  He created a learning environment that was fun, positive, and effective.  He gave us the freedom to experiment, create, and challenge ourselves.  Above all, he knows how to teach!  He is a talented, knowledgeable chef and I am thankful to count myself among the lucky students who have had the opportunity to learn under his tutelage. 

For our final we had to make the following:

24 vanilla macaroons
12 petit fours
Dobos torte
Gateau St. Honore
Original chocolate box
12 chocolate bonbons

It was quite an intense final!  Since I had made and photographed all of these items before, I gave everything away except for the petit fours which I took home for the nephews.  I took a quick shot of one of them before letting the boys have at it.  Now I'm rolling on to my final class with Chef Smith.  I can hardly believe my time here is almost over.

Petit Fours

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