Another June Birthday

Today was Yolanda’s birthday. Hunter woke the kids and me up to sing “Happy Birthday” to Yolanda and present her with breakfast in bed—Belgian waffles, blueberries, and ice cream (yes, ice cream for breakfast). I stayed awake for about another hour before my bed lured me back into its sheets and I slept for an additional two hours. When I woke up, I played around with the kids and eventually I left the house to get a haircut before Yolanda and Hunter left for an evening out together. While they were gone, I watched a movie with the boys and prepared deep fried chicken nuggets for them (how horrid eh?). They were actually quite good. Paulo wanted to make cupcakes for his mom, so I helped him make French vanilla cupcakes and invented a new buttercream icing for decorating. We found some multi-colored star sprinkles which the boys enjoyed using to garnish the tops of the cupcakes.

Babysitting was rather successful. I did have to put Andre in time-out which I could only do for about 10 seconds before feeling like his lesson was learned. He also didn’t get a cupcake because he didn’t finish his dinner. When I was explaining to him why he didn’t get a cupcake his eyes started to water, but I held to my word and only rewarded Paulo with a cupcake since he did finish his meal. Is that terrible? I’m thinking no. I could have given the cupcake in response to the watery eyes and lost all integrity as a man of my word. I guess he’ll have one tomorrow. After reading stories and the scripture to the kids, I said nighttime prayers with each and put them straight to bed without any trouble.

When Yolanda and Hunter came home from their night in L.A., I was in the middle of my Kenpo X workout—basically punching and kicking while yelling out (a workout you would prefer to do alone. When I finished we all talked late into the night until I eventually crept up to my room and went to bed.

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