So Let Them *Make* Cake

After a not-so-challenging workout, I had my first protein shake (BLAH!) and hurried through the morning routine before leaving the house in a bit of a hurry. We are working on more technical cakes for the remainder of this week—the Battenberg cake and Petit Fours. We learned a new technique, since we are now working with a new medium—almond paste. When I opened the bucket of almond paste, this overwhelming smell of play-dough struck my senses. Disgusting! I’ve never really loved the taste of almond extract, but something tells me—despite the smell—that I will enjoy these cakes. The Petit Fours batter was spread thin in a half baking sheet and was ready in a quick 10 minutes.

We divided into groups of two for the Battenberg cake. One person was to make the yellow batter and the other, pink. The Battenberg cake was first created in the late 19th century to celebrate the union of Prince Louis of Battenberg and Princess Victoria (the granddaughter of Queen Victoria) through marriage. The colors represent each family. It tastes like an almond pound cake and one would think that would be tasty, but the colors transform the cake such that they look like pink and yellow sponges and something about the look makes it less appetizing. We had extra time, so Chef allowed us to make some lemon curd to use tomorrow in between the layers of our Petit Fours.

I napped immediately when I returned to the Bellevue home. Yolanda woke me up and asked me to run to the grocery store to pick up some French bread. After running some other errands, I returned home to a wonderful pork chop, fruit and veggie plate. I attempted to blog but I was distracted with a wedding cake project on which I am currently working. Before I knew it, the evening was spent and it was past my bedtime.

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