Chiffon Monday

I woke up early with only enough time to do Ab Ripper X. I chose to postpone the hour exercise video to the evening hours because I needed to study up for my in class written exam. I quickly review my notes, got ready for school and was out the door early. When I arrived to Lab 3, I was greeted with happy faces and the news that our exam was cancelled. Hooray! Chef added a new recipe for us to work on—a more challenging one. We made Lemon Chiffon. After watching the demonstration, we made for our stations and immediately started making the chiffon. It’s not that the recipe is difficult because it’s not. There are just many steps and timing is crucial to the perfect chiffon. We did not make the French meringue that the recipe called for and instead, made an Italian meringue (which is a fully cooked meringue that requires cooked sugar). I made five different chiffon pies and tried different piping designs using the meringue before torching them. Chef liked the pies and for the first time, he complimented my piping work.

On our way to Hilton campus for Food Safety and Sanitation, I grabbed a root beer with lemon (probably not a P90X friendly drink). Becky commented on the drink.

“You’re not supposed to drink that!”

“Probably not the best choice eh?”

“No, I mean, you’re Mormon. Mormons don’t drink soda.”

Ha! I let her know that “Mormons” do, in fact, drink soda and then we talked about Martinelli’s sparkling cider (my celebration beverage). Oh the funny things people hear and think about members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After our lecture hour, Becky drove me home and I quickly photographed all of the Lemon Chiffon pies. With a little bit of free time, I decided to walk to the theater and catch a matinee before dinner. I decided to watch Toy Story 3. All I can say is, I’m going to pretend that I didn’t have moist cheeks during the film. I definitely was not expecting that. It was a very good film! I briskly walked home and when I arrived, Yolanda had prepared a delicious Penne Cardinale. We ate and then had Family Home Evening. I was dead tired, but Hunter and I needed to do our intense chest and back workout, so we did before crashing.

Lemon Chiffon (with sugared lemon zest)

Lemon Chiffon with Italian Meringue


  1. HAHAHA! Woody...Buzz..sniff sniff...

  2. How did she even know you were a Mormon in the first place?

  3. Good call on the Italian meringue. I'm not one that really cares for meringue, but I prefer Swiss or Italian to French any day. Those look beautiful, by the way.