Sunday, Sunday

Surprisingly able to sleep the entire night after having slept a whole night and a day before, I got out of bed feeling well rested. Yolanda prepared breakfast in bed for Hunter’s birthday and the two of us, along with the boys, crept into the master bedroom to sing and wake up Hunter—a Wing family tradition. We all got ready for church and left early so Hunter could attend his meetings. The extra time gave me an opportunity to play the piano in the chapel. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to just sit and play at the piano—okay, so only four weeks, but I’ve missed it! Even though I desperately wanted to be more social at church, I secretly tried to avoid people because I was rather embarrassed of my frighteningly fat and still oh so swollen face.

Back at home, I would frequently catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror only to find myself wistfully waiting for my face to return to its normal visage. We had chicken salad for lunch and homemade enchiladas for dinner. Some of Hunter’s friends from the ward came over for some cake and ice cream; and after the guests left, Yolanda, Hunter, and I finished off the day with our Sunday night devotional. I spoke on the power of agency and some of the principles taught in Doctrine and Covenants 121. Before going to bed, I checked my email. Michael, from class, sent a picture we had all taken in class with Chef.

Front row: Patty, Becky, Armine, Mashumeh, Becca
Back row: Me, Michael, Chef, and Howie

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