Flourless Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Mousse

These are probably one of my favorite desserts we've made thus far.  You can't see inside the chocolate casing, but there is a layer of dense chocolate cake, smooth and creamy chocolate mousse, another layer of cake, just one more layer of the mouse again, and chocolate chantilly cream for the top.  The intricate designs on the chocolate were pre-designed and printed in cocoa on transfer sheets that we smothered in chocolate and used to encase the entire dessert.  Pretty cool looking eh?  The pictures are terrible simply because I left for my sister's wedding and froze these to photograph after a weekend in Utah.  You can see the condensation, so I apologize.

My Favorite Design

The Whole Lot

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  1. I like the swirly whirly one. And the rectangle one reminds me of Piep.