Le Seul Arbre

Our major written assignment for this six-week module was the creation of a dessert menu including the designs, recipes, and directions.  It was so much fun to create original desserts and creatively express our work on paper.  I made up the name of my restaurant "Le Seul Arbre" and designed a logo.  Spending hours reviewing notes and pulling from the depths of creativity, I eventually decided on four fine dining desserts--each containing about seven recipes.  With reach recipe requiring quite a handful of ingredients, you can imagine that it took quite a bit of time to create the whole project.  In the end, there were approximately 40 pages to the menu.  Yeah, it definitely wasn't your average menu.  Thanks to Yolanda and Hunter's instruction on Adobe InDesign, I was able to format the project in a professional way.  Another bonus to this project, Hunter taught me how to saddle stitch the little booklet menu.  All in all, the project probably took more time than it required, but I learned may new skills in the process.  The result, a pretty neat book containing the directions to create four of my original desserts.

What good are these recipes without sharing them?  Click below to download my assignment.  If you get to trying any of the recipes, be sure to snap a picture and send it my way.  Happy baking!

Le Seul Arbre Menu

Yes, I took pictures of the menu.  Ha!  I only did this because Chef Rocque asked to keep the menu to show future classes as an example.

 The Menu Cover

The Dessert Menu

Seasonal Dessert Design

A Little Peek at the Directions


  1. Neither can I! But I'd love to try out your recipes. :)

  2. Sorry ladies, I can't figure this one out. Send me your email addresses and I'll send you a PDF version. jhwing@gmail.com