The Last Plated Dessert

Our Challenge: Create two identical plates employing tempered chocolate, chocolate banded Japonaise and Chocolate Bavarian (yes, the same dessert from the last post--just wrapped in a different manner), and two sauces.

It was a pretty slow day, mainly because I was running on three hours of sleep; but somehow I was able to come up with a pretty good concept and flavor profile for this dessert.

   Dark Chocolate band pre-brushed with Gold Luster Dust
   Creme Chantilly flavored with Orange Zest
   Tempered Chocolate garnish with Cocoa Nibs
   White Chocolate Creme Anglaise
   Orange Gastrique

The Plated Dessert (can you see the gold on the surface of the chocolate?)

Close Up on the Delicious Sauces

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