Forgotten Cake and Homemade Marshmallows

For some reason I failed to post this picture of my Angel Food Cake.  It wasn't on the syllabus, but Chef Rocque taught us the proper technique to making a delicious airy Angel Food Cake.  With a little bit of fresh cream and strawberries, this light dessert truly is heaven sent (ahem).

Angel Food Cake

In class, we made fresh marshmallows.  They are actually made with gelatin, sugar, corn syrup, and various flavorings according to preference.  I didn't want to get too fancy with my marshmallows so I simply used Madagascar vanilla bean and a hint of cayenne pepper.  For an added crunch, I added cocoa nibs to half of the recipes, just for the sake of it.  The process is rather simple, although, I must say that when the 240 degree sugar is added to the bloomed gelatin, it gives off this horrendous odor!  I'm talking wet nasty dog/zoo smell.  Not cool.  I was rather pleased, however, when the smell dissipated and all that was left was a fluffy, flavorful marshmallow cream which was piped and then cut into one-inch pieces which were tossed in cornstarch to finish them off.  I couldn't wait to get home and make some hot chocolate!

Spicy Vanilla Marshmallows

Vanilla Cocoa Nib Marshmallows


  1. homemade marshmallows?! wow!

    and look at all the followers!

  2. Angel food cake is my favorite!! My mom always makes it for me for my birthday. I don't get to see her this year though so on Thursday I'm going to make myself one! (: This is only my second attempt and yours will most certainly trump mine; you are an amazing culinarian! Your marshmellows look so yummy by the way.