My First Plated Dessert

I'm not pleased with these photographs, mainly because these are the first shots taken without natural lighting--makes a huge difference.  This is one of my first plated desserts.  There are rules to which we must attend.  There needs to be a main item with an approximate size of 5 ounces, two sauces, something crunchy, height, and something creamy.  Taste, of course, is the most important.

Because we plate them in class, I can't take them home to photograph.  I haven't had the camera in class every day so I've missed some of my recent creations, but here is one I made late last week.

Main Item: Baked Apples with Apricot and Cranberries
Two Sauces: Caramel and Balsamic Blackberry Gastrique
Crunchy: Puff Pastry Square
Height: Pulled Isomalt 
Cream: Cayenne Pepper Ice Cream

I'm not claiming perfection here.  This is a rushed experimental effort.

The Full Plate

A Closer Look

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