Back in the Game

I woke up determined to perform well. I pressed my uniform and finished my homework assignment. I arrived in the kitchen more confident equipped with everything I needed. We were given an assignment to prepare two kinds of dough. We were asked to partner up, one partner to make chocolate dough and the other, vanilla. Well, I was left without a partner and when I approached Chef, he told me I had to make both in the same amount of time. “Yes chef!” I returned to my station where I collected myself and prepared to execute. I gathered all the necessities and placed them around me in an organized fashion—mise en place. I prepped my oven for yesterday’s dough, which ended up not having a rack. I prepped another oven. I got in the mode. I made the two sets of dough, caterwrapped them, and threw them in the fridge. Afterwards, well behind the others who only had to prepare one dough, I placed yesterday's dough on a jumbo sheet with enough space for anticipated spread. While waiting for the cookies, I cleaned up my space and watched as every single person pulled out their cookies. All of their cookies spread into one another while in the oven. When I pulled mine out, mine were the only ones that hadn’t touched. They were perfect! I plated them and finished two other kinds of cookies and quickly plated them for grading. I decided to take artistic license and plate in a unique way that I found more aesthetically pleasing. Chef liked my work and found nothing wrong.  His critique was all I needed to boost my confidence. During his closing demonstration, Chef Guillard finished by saying, “Any questions? None? Jonathan, none?” Ha. Even though he may have been mocking me for being a questioner, I rather appreciated it.

Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut

 Linzer Cookies

Jeweled Linzer Cookies

In the last hour of class, Chef Knight basically forced me to give her some of the cookies I made. Everything else, a blur. After the walk home, Hunter and Yolanda helped me set up a photo journal of all of the treats I bring home. After the shoot, we prepared Adobo, ate, and then slept. Not before preparing for the next day.


  1. These are excellent photos. Did you borrow a camera? The food looks amazing. The outfit totally fits you. I'm excited to see you happy. I'm going to be following these food pictures! Maybe I'll even attempt to follow the cooking steps too =)

  2. I'm impressed those are your actually your cookies. I thought I was looking at stock photos.