Ladurée Exposed

An important day—the day we learn to make French Macaroons and Meringue! Ever since I was introduced to the Ladurée Macaroons in Paris last spring, I have been aching to have the opportunity to make these little pieces of divinity. I showed up to class determined to master the sponge technique of cookie making—the technique necessary to make the almost batter-like macaroon dough that is piped onto the pan. It was so fun to make and mine turned out very nice—although I now know how I would adjust the recipe in the future to make it more to my liking. I was unable to cook my meringue because my oven was stolen and there was not enough time to preheat another oven and cook the meringue before class let out. Oh well! I had my macaroons and that’s all I needed to start off a good weekend!

French Almond Macaroons

Back at home, I opted out of going to a huge YSA dance simply because I did not know a soul there and did not want to show up by myself. Lame? Perhaps, but my brother-in-law got “Blind Side” which I hadn’t seen yet. Great, happy-type movie. After this first week of class I find myself asking where this is all going to lead me. I know that coming to Le Cordon Bleu is the right step, I just wish I had a better clue as to what exactly I will be doing following this program. No worries folks, plans are forming but nothing too solid at this point. I guess I could just take it one day at a time for a while.


  1. Jon, I love that you are blogging! I am adding you to my sidebar. I hope that you are just loving school and I can hardly wait to read about your adventures!

  2. You, opting out of a social activity. Hard for me to imagine. I'd like to hear the drama behind the stolen oven...

  3. Thank Heavens!!! Boy does that bring back good memories of Paris! I might have to pay you a visit to partake of that macaroon goodness!