La Belle Pasadena

By early afternoon the Honda CRV was packed with all of my belongings ready to carry them and me to my new home in California—La Belle Pasadena. For much of the seven-hour drive I read Julia Child’s, "My Life in France," only pausing to rest my eyes and contemplate my imminent life in California. As I read her experiences at Le Cordon Bleu, I wondered what exactly this new educational path will hold in store for me. After a while I got rather tired of her florid writing style and simply had to stop reading.

Pasadena City Hall

Nightfall had approached by the time we arrived in the beautiful city of Pasadena and within a moment we pulled up to my new Bellevue home. We immediately unloaded the car and moved it into the room my sister Yolanda and brother-in-law Hunter prepared for me. I am so thankful to them for taking me in and making me feel right at home—they set up an IKEA decorative divider and freestanding shelf next to my bed to garnish the walls and made as much room as they could in the closet. Thankfully, I was able to fit my significantly reduced wardrobe into the half-closet space. No winter clothes needed here—goodbye scarves and jackets! Already deep into the night and an hour ahead, I lay in the new bed and called it a night.

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