The Real Deal!

This morning I woke up one minute before my alarm sounded and disabled it. I slept for another hour and then pleasantly got out of bed. Hunter, Yolanda, and I did P90X’s Cardio X workout while the kids ate their breakfast. I started a load of laundry and after it was in the dryer we set out for Hollywood. Hunter knew a quick way to get to Grauman’s Chinese Theater which saved us an hour of time wasted in L.A. traffic. We parked and wandered around for about an hour or two. My favorite part was finding the hand- and foot-prints of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. Ha!

Me with the stars of Harry Potter

 Hollywood Boulevard

We ate at California Pizza Kitchen after taking more pictures and looking at the HOLLYWOOD sign. We were pretty pooped, so we headed back. I watched the kids so Yolanda and Hunter could go on a date. They ended up napping most of the time. Correction, WE ended up napping most of the time (ahem) and then I made dinner for them. After Yolanda and Hunter came home we had Family Home Evening and held an emergency drill in case of an earthquake or fire. I decided to update my blog on the outdoor porch before going to bed because I know this week will bring many more stories and baked goods I’ll need to photograph—including one of my favorites, √©clairs. Yum!


  1. Eclairs are nast J. You've got dirt on your nose...did you know?

  2. so fun to be a CA resident and do fun CA things. the weather looks so nice compared to the last like 5 weeks of rain and clouds and hail here in UT.

  3. Harry Potter... I'm so jealous. Did your foot or hand print match any of theirs?