My Pasadena

I slept in. Without much to do, I stayed in bed for a while and started to eye my upcoming homework assignments. Yolanda and Hunter were busy with their Saturday things to do, that I found myself extremely bored. What did I have to do? Laundry? By evening, Hunter noticed my signs of cabin fever and he suggested that I go out. I decided to explore Old Pasadena by foot and find a restaurant where I would treat myself. Ha. I finally got ready, placed my iPod (I FIXED IT—YAY!) on my favorite playlist, and set off for an adventure. I felt empowered walking down new streets and observing the people walking by. Pasadena is a beautiful place! I had my eye open for a good place to eat. As I passed all of the shops, only walking in J. Crew, H&M, and Crate and Barrel, I found an offshoot from the main road on which I found a pleasant looking restaurant called “Crème de la Crêpe.” As soon as I saw the menu I decided to eat there! They had raclette—that’s all they needed to win me over. I was immediately transported back to France. The workers were French and the setting was just like any other small restaurant on the streets of Paris. I found a small table in the corner adjacent to the live jazz performers. I already knew what I wanted. I got nervous ordering when I realized just how unconditioned I am in French. It’s been about a year since I’ve fully engulfed myself in French and amazingly enough, teaching Haitian Creole six days a week managed to corrode at the purity in and confidence of my French. Oh well. I’ll practice more with Chef. Ha.

Crème de la Crêpe

I made my way back home but instead of taking the same route, I veered from it a bit and accidentally ran into Paseo Colorado, an outdoor mall similar to The Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City, but definitely much cooler! I explored for a while then noticed a movie theater. I decided to take a look at what was playing and ended up buying a ticket to “The Prince of Persia” since it wasn’t too late. It was OK, uh, kind of lame actually. I walked back home, surprising myself that it only took about six minutes to walk back. How did I not know this outdoor mall was here? I realized I need to get out more.

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  1. Hey- I've totally been all those places you described when I visited Laney. Paseo is so nice and I remember Old Pasadena was very charming. We also went to the Huntington Gardens while I was there which I remember loving. They had some pretty impressive art there too. There is one Mary Cassatt there that I had to memorize for my Art History class at BYU. How was the French food?