The Fitting

First thing this morning my parents, Yolanda, my two nephews, and I walked to Le Cordon Bleu’s East Campus—not a 15-minute walk from the home that includes walking down streets lined with aromatic purple-blossomed trees and quaint homes and shops right through the heart of Pasadena. We went to the main office to check in for my fitting appointment. Yes, I must be in uniform for the next 9 months.

White Chef Jacket with Le Cordon Bleu Embroidery

Classic Hound’s Tooth Pattern Chef Pants

Full Bib Apron

Toques—that’s a chef skull cap

After the fitting, I signed more papers with my Student Representative, Anastasia who asked me whether I was Italian—that was a first! Ha. After walking home, we prepped for the Beach and braved the terrible L.A. traffic on our way to Malibu Beach. I slept the entire way there. When we arrived the weather had cooled significantly and the constant breeze added to the unfavorable beach weather. We decided to spend a few hours there despite the weather considering the fact we had already spent an hour on the road to get there and spent $12 for Zuma beach parking. It really wasn’t that bad and I even managed to wade a bit in the water. My favorite moment was picking up my nephew and running straight into a section of the plage covered with hundreds of seagulls that all took to the air as we approached. Thank goodness we didn’t get pooped on.

Zuma Beach - Malibu

To avoid the traffic on the way home we stopped at an Italian restaurant called Spumoni. Instead of ordering, I decided to pick off of everyone else’s incredible dishes—which turned out to be not only economical for my parents but quite the deal for me. The restaurant was pretty high class and even had a live Frank Sinatra wannabe singing all the classics we grew up listening to. By the time we arrived back at the Bellevue home, it was late enough to hit the bed to get enough sleep before my new student orientation at LCB.

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  1. Italian? ha ha! She obviously didn't read your "profile bio" from facebook :)