So the Drama Begins

I showed up to class ready to learn and perform. The day’s schedule included checkerboard icebox cookies—rather technically difficult to make, especially since the dough is very fragile due to the butter content.  One of the students turned to me and said, “You know, it’s really starting to tick me off how everything you prepare looks so perfect.” This is definitely not true, but the comment worried me more because I didn’t want yesterday's performance to cause any rifts in the relationships I have with my fellow students. Whether it was a compliment or not I decided to be more cautious about the other students.  I committed myself to be more of a help to others, yet focused.  Tension was high in the kitchen because each of us was having a hard time managing our time. The task seemed almost impossible for the day—at least with the amount of time we were allotted. I finished my dough and through it in the oven. While it was cooking I passed off my piping assignment—making a cornet and piping the alphabet, “happy birthday,” and my name with colored edible gel. Chef loved the work. I ran back to my station, pulled out my cookies and set them on the stove top to cool. While they were cooling, I brought all of my instruments to the sinks to wash. I had this feeling to go back to my station and when I did, there were flames coming from under my baking sheet of cookies. I ran over and saved them before they burned. I was pretty shocked that someone would try to burn my cookies by turning on the stove, but I decided not to make a scene and brush it off as if it were an accident. Mental note: keep an extra eye on your product, station, and belongings. I left with all tasks accomplished! I spoke to Chef in French for a little bit—that was nice too.

When I got home Hunter and I ran some errands and bought paint to repaint the main room of the house. We spent the rest of the evening taping corners, moving furniture, and rolling paint on the walls. Eventually I decided I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I passed out in my bed.


  1. Oh my drama!!! It sounds like you are doing amazing things though!!

  2. I can't believe the sabotage. Do these people have something to lose if you do well? Sheesh.