Happy to Be Here

I slept in today. Really slept in until 10:30am. I couldn’t believe myself, but I needed it for sure. I did my laundry, studied, memorized everything you’d like to know about cookies and each ingredient’s purpose to help in recipe formulation. Sounds fun eh? I made some homemade fries for the kids and helped finish a zucchini casserole my sister started. Somehow the day is over. I helped tidy the house and then decided to start this blog. So here it is. Hope you all enjoy reading about my culinary endeavors. Thus far, all I can say is that I’m loving the experience. I learn something new every 5 minutes! There really is so much to know and learn. For those of you who think culinary school is “cake,” I ask you to drive down to Pasadena and just experience one day of these classes—you’d be surprised! Okay, I’m done writing and listening to Pandora’s Imogen Heap station. Until tomorrow’s noteworthy events unfold.

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